American Black Bear Interaction

Imagine walking through the woods looking for owls and you hear crashing of branches in front of you? Well, this was the case here. It is the time for family separation and here we have (I think) 3 bears. 2 of the bears climbed a pine tree while a larger (older bear) chased after them. The 2 young bears stayed in the tree for over 5 hours with various panting sounds and snorting. In this soundscape you can also hear the Jaw Pops the bears make when they are nervous. Roo and I watched these bears until we could no longer keep our eyes open. Eventually, the larger bear walked off leaving the 2 younger bears to ponder when it was safe to leave.

Black Bear Interaction

You may have to wait for the file to buffer itself before being able to click anywhere on the sonogram. Headphones are a must!
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