White-throated sparrow

Also in the north woods you find the beautiful sounds of the white-throated sparrow.
There are at least two distinct songs sung by this species. One consists of an initial note, followed by three or so repeated notes at an interval of about a major third above. The second song consists of an initial note, a second a whole step lower, and a third note, repeated 2-3 times, about a minor third below that. This second song is commonly described by use of mnemonics with the cadence of “Po-or Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody” (or “O-oh sweet Canada, Canada, Canada”) The rhythm is very regular, and the timbre could be described as pinched. These musical intervals are only approximate; to a human ear the song often sounds out of tune. The repeated note will often change in pitch very slightly, contributing to this effect.
The White-throated Sparrow also has at least two calls, in addition to its song. This is a bird that was recorded deep into the North Woods of Minnesota.

White Throated Sparrow taken by Steve Listengart in Rhode Island

Geek notes
State: Minnesota 

Description: Species recording

Habitat: wood/mixed
VoxType: Dawn
Category: soundscape

Recorder: SD 722
Mics: Telinga DAT
Sample rate: 44.1k 24 bit
Microphone pattern: Omni stereo
Take#  29

Anthrophony: cars on the main 169 HWY/

Geophony: wind in trees

Biophony: white-throated sparrow/red squirrel/ovenbird/

Weather: clear
Temp: 85f
Humidity: 65%
Wind: 3 mph
Barometer:  1009.6
Elevation: 223 ft
GPS: N.47.81717 W 092.16361

Recordist: Martyn Stewart

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