Golden-crowned sparrow

This is a bird you can’t get away from in the Boreal forests. This song was recorded on Katmai National Park. You could hear this song from morning to night.

Golden crowned sparrow

©martyn stewart

Geek Notes:
Microphone: Telinga DAT
Recorder: SD 722
Sample rate: 44.1k 24 bit
Recordist: Martyn Stewart
Location: Katmai NP. Alaska

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  1. Tim Burr says:

    Hi Martha,

    We are developing an iphone/ipad app called iBird Feederr. You can see a screenshot of it at the top of this site – Are in need of a recording of a golden-crowned sparrow as that is one of the 25 birds we currently have in the app. Can offer you $50 for use of the recording you have in the app. Users would only hear it in the background from time to time when the golden crowned sparrow was flying around or on the feeder.

    Tim Burr

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