Destination Taiji

On the 26th of November 2010 I will be heading to Japan, Taiji. Taiji is the place “the Cove” was filmed, Each September to March an estimated 2000 dolphins are slaughtered in the most barbaric possible way. Sea Shepherd (conservation group) hold a yearly vigil between September and March by sending guardians down there to blog, film and document these horrific atrocities. I feel compelled to help in some way as nature has given me so much in my life that it is time to do something to help. I will be spending all of my time observing, filming, recording and blogging to the best of my ability.

From Osaka to Taiji

The land of the rising scum

I’m not the most calm bloke on the block, crimes against nature this way boil my blood. For many weeks I have been tying to compose myself for this terrifying venture, I am a very impulsive kind a guy but I need to keep many of my aggressive feelings under complete control. If I punch out at these murdering molesting monsters it will do me no good at all. The focus needs to be on making “people” awareness, Only people can make this stop.
I ask you all to pressure the governments that can make this change. Please share everything I write, record and film to as many people as you know. Let them know that this is happening in the 21st century.Please watch the Cove and get involved. Your Kids and their kids deserve to be able to see magnificent creatures roam our beautiful planet. What will you tell your kids when they ask “What did you do to help?” Please share and blog on your social networking sites. We all need to be proactive to reverse the trend of animal abuse. I cannot live in a world without them.

I will be posting updates to my Facebook account when i’m there and on Twitter, Please share as much as you can and Phone the nearest Japanese embassy to voice your concern and demand that they stop Whaling and dolphin slaughtering immediately.

Please call or Write…. Details here….

Martyn Stewart November 23 2010

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