Destination Taiji, Flight to Osaka

November 26th 2010.

I have just finished watching the cove on my iPad while on my almost 12 hour flight, this is the third time I have seen this now and it still repulses me. I know the characters now that hang around the cove including the infamous “private space. Trouble is, although this is an academy award winning film, there are definitely no actors, this is for real.
I still can’t watch the killing of the dolphins completely, I look through gaps in my fingers, the sounds and the red blooded waters that these dolphins struggle for their last breath are some of the most horrific scenes I have ever seen. It keeps posing the question, “how will I cope with witnessing it for real?
The rising sun, Osaka
I was talking to a Japanese woman on the plane as we filled our overhead bins with luggage, she asked me if I lived in Japan and if not where would I be going? I told her it would not be a visit of joy for me and that I was going to Taiji. She did not know Taiji or the film or the slaughtering of the dolphins down there. She said that I should go visit other places instead of “wasting” time and sample the amazing food and country. I told her that my journey to Japan was one of necessity and to bring awareness to people throughout the world, she still did not understand why I would spend time watching fishermen kill dolphins. I told her that after speaking to you, I am more than convinced I’m doing the right thing because I need to affect people like her so that she KNOWS I’m doing the right thing and spending valuable time in the right place.
I said to her that people around the world are repulsed that Japan continues to hunt whales and dolphins on a major scale and that people are boycotting Japanese products because of it. She said that was sad because she has a beautiful country! Did I plant a seed in her? I hope so because this is exactly what this cause is about, people awareness.
It is the people that elect governments and it is the people that can make change, we can stop this if we want to!! I would love to go back to Japan one day as a tourist and not as an activist without the thought of blooded waters.

Please call the Japanese embassies where you live around the world and demand that they stop whaling and dolphin killing. There are phone numbers on my website, please call now before it is too late.

I will be giving live updates from the Cove each day dolphins are caught. Please check out the facebook pages.
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  1. Meagan says:

    Hi Martyn,

    Im so happy that you have ventured to the cove. I watch the daily updates from the guardians, hoping and praying that no blood was spilt.
    I will be at the cove in March for approx 2 1/2 weeks. This madness needs to end. I dont know how I will deal with watching the slaughter either. Such a shame.

    All the best while you are there! great work!


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