A battle ground, The Cove, Taiji,

November 28th 2010
I arrived in Katsurra a little after 12:30 pm, Checked into the hotel and met a Sea Shepherd guardian from France by the name of Thomas. He drove Kim and I out to the village of Taiji and of course to the cove. It was a strange feeling seeing all the buildings made famous in the film, The Whale Museum, The dolphin resort, The mayors office. Once we got to the cove it was unmistakable, it was like walking on a film set, the rocks and trees, the beautiful green waters, the railings, the steps to the pebble beach. The place is immaculate, no paper in the street, shrubs and lawns are manicured in the parking area, then you see the off limit areas barricaded by fences that warn you in English that its dangerous here because of falling rocks!!

I could stand here all year and never see a rock fall

The only thing that would fall on your head is bird shit!

I have walked in many old battlefields in my life like Culloden moor in Scotland, Battle of Hastings but this was totally different. The Cove is a battlefield but the enemy to the aggressor is a dolphin, The dolphin does not prepare for battle like the Scots did against the marauding English, This is an enemy that is simply trying to migrate north like it has done for hundreds of years past a victor that has no shame. The dolphins crime is that of eating fish!!! This battlefield is one of complete sadness for all the wrong reasons and I cannot quite put this into proper words yet..

Eerie waters with a secret that is no more

The Killing cove

There is no evidence of any battle because the aggressor does everything in their power to hide the victims. The Police are bought like any corrupt government and its plainly obvious to see. Rocks cannot possibly fall on your head from a hillside 30 feet away from a adequately planted mature hillside. The foliage that grips to the hillside is well rooted and stable. The Police are there every-time the molesters bring in a pod of dolphins to help cover-up the barbaric slaughtering (I will witness this tomorrow I’m sure)
Yesterday I’m told there were 25 Dolphins slaughtered yet you would never know from looking at the water. The cove has an Eery feel to it for sure, very macabre..
Thomas took us to the lookout above the village, here you can see where the banger boats would drive in the pods to the killing cove, You can also see the butcher house and the pens that hold the captive dolphins.
They slaughter the dolphins with one hand then train the others that are bound for dolphinariums in another.
I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow…
A sea shepherds view

View from Mountain pass on the killing cove

I will be giving live updates from the Cove each day dolphins are caught.
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  1. Lori says:

    Thank you Martyn for the photos with the captions. It’s nice to know that someone else is there to bear witness to this horrible thing.

  2. Geneva says:

    That photo ‘view from Mountain Pass on the killing cove’, such a lovely geographic location with such a terrible blood stained reputation. Hoping someday that those few Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt Fishermen, Dolphin Trainers, Dolphin Brokers and Taiji government officials see the light, change course and steer Taiji into the 21st Century as an eco-friendly and environmentally aware ocean-side model community that will preserve the ocean and its inhabitants for all the world to enjoy rather than destroy. It is so sad that they are missing such a great opportunity stubbornly looking backwards and defending the old ways rather than looking to the future and preparing for it wisely so that their future generations prosper.
    Thank you Martyn for going to Taiji and for blogging about your visit there. The world needs to know and see from eyewitness this sad situation.
    …For the Dolphins ♥

  3. Kim Nakajima says:

    Thank you for coming to Japan to be a cove Guardian in Taiji. I wish I could welcome you under better circumstances.
    You are all heroes.

  4. Well articulated Geneva! A candle burns of hope everyday…..

  5. Jackie Legg says:

    Thanks for keeping a blog, I’ll be following it.
    It’s a hard thing to do, to stand and report, but it is making a difference.
    Be strong, stay safe xxx
    Jackie (former guardian)

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