Still waters, The cove, Taiji.

December 1st 2010

We have just gone through two days of relative peace in the cove. On the 1st of December a dolphin pod battled against their worst nightmare, man, and won with the help of mother nature. For 3 hours we watched the pod getting away from the molesters only to be rounded up again like sheep and driven towards the cove. As the winds got stronger we realised the pod may get away for good as the boats were struggling against all the elements. Sure enough, one by one the boats picked up speed and headed for shore. We sent the news back home and we danced a merry jig…
After the day before with so many dolphins killed we just experienced one of the lowest lows to the highest high.. It was one of joy and tears..
The pod in their grasp was of around 20, we never saw them flee because of the amount of white horses on the ocean but we could feel their spirit as they went back to their home.
I looked at Kim (one of the guardians) and her face was radiant, she has been so ill here but she was there every morning, I felt that another day like yesterday would demoralize her, Lady luck shone down for sure…. It was a huge tonic…
We went to celebrate and as we packed up our spotting gear and cameras, the boats drove past the rock we were on

The fishermen are defeated this time

Boats come in without their prey

and one of the fishermen stuck his finger up at me, I did not need to retaliate, Mother Nature had done it for me… Its that little man syndrome that makes them kill, They have to prove their masculinity to face life because of their insecurities and low self esteem. To attack animals is the most cowardly act but seemingly they attack their wives too! 80% of Japanese men I’m told are ok with wife abuse. Look at this and you get the whole picture. Pick a fight with those who are less powerful. Their boats are big and strong against the dolphins but when they step ashore they as little men with little dicks! God I hate them……….
Off we went to the whale museum to look at the exhibits to try and get into their culture a little. The place is the animal equalivent of Auschwitz. Absolutely disgusting! There are dolphin and whale fetus in specimen containers covering the pregnancy month by month. 1 month old, 2 month old up to 11 months. Just for this exhibit alone you would kill 11 Orca whales and 11 dolphins just for one glass case!!!
They rob the womb of the fetus

Just so that we know, Right!

Kim was her usual expressive self, full of horror and emotion, it was sickening to see, Then up comes a Japanese couple looking as though “what’s the big deal” They were later seen in the dolphin show eating cetacean meat!

I honestly don’t believe you can change this culture, It has to start from the ground up but it is indoctrinated in the young by the parents, This place has no empathy for which it kills, You can literally buy anything that moves here to eat…
Before we can stop all this barbarism we will loose a great majority of our cetaceans that swim past Japan, What will happen then?

The Whale Museum houses many captive dolphins, They live in pools half the size of a backyard swimming pool in suburban America and there are two dolphins to each pool. I hated seeing them go round and round, I spoke to them and cried a little. I felt embarrassed that I was one the the same species that put them there robbing them of their freedom.

Free in the ocean not long ago and destined to a life in a pool...

I want to say sorry for my species for what they have done to you....

Today was a good day in some ways but this place brought us back down to ground fast….

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Captive dolphins by Martyn Stewart

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  1. Geneva says:

    Thank you Cove Guardian Martyn for another powerful post.
    Thank you all Cove Guardians past, present and future… for the Dolphins♥

    Please support and sign ‘The Cetaceans Bill of Rights’ :
    “Sign the declaration and join a global call to have rights formally declared for cetaceans”

    A ray of hope can be found here:

    “Across the country, a team of legal beagles, working with Steven Wise, is preparing to bring the first formal litigation that would lead to a high court in one of the 50 states declaring that a non-human should be accorded certain carefully defined rights.
    One small precedent for a single animal – one huge step for all animal-kind!”
    The animal chosen by this legal team may well be a Cetacean.

    Please do not spend your hard earned money to purchase tickets to Dolphin Shows or pay to pet, feed, or swim with captive Dolphins. These practices encourage the continued capture, slaughter, and sale of a few survivors into lives of captivity.

  2. Charlotte says:

    This is one of the most honest and moving blogs I have read from a cove guardian. Thank you for being there for all of us; it can’t be easy. I am sickened by some of the things people do to animals, but people like you stop me from becoming bitter and cynical. And I do truly believe that we will change things for the better. I can’t have my children growing up in a world that thinks it acceptable to pluck wild animals from the oceans and make them perform for our entertainment. Thank you.

  3. Glenda Wolverton says:

    I will not be reading your posts anymore due to your racism and hatred for the Japanese people, Martyn. Shame on you. This is a WHALING problem and we should not be attacking the people of Japan. Rarely does calling names and attacking with widespread generalizations become effective at teaching people a better way. People do what people are brought up learning until they discover for themselves a better way. Calling names and making generalized accusations of such a nature as in this post is immature and counterproductive. This is completely detrimental to the cause,imo.

  4. Sandy McElhaney says:


    I applaud you and the rest of The Cove Guardians for bearing witness to the monstrosities being commited in Taiji. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you are making & for everything you are doing to spread the word. Though thousands of miles away, I stand with you in spirit.

  5. Stacie Simonson says:

    Thank you, Martyn, for taking the time to be a Cove Guardian. For being the eyes and voice for the rest of us who cannot be there. I can only imagine how difficult it is to bear witness firsthand to what is all going on over there.

    “The place is the animal equivalent of Auschwitz.” – That bad, eh? Would it be okay if I added that to my favourite list of quotes?

    They killed eleven orcas for eleven months of fetus development? Oh fiddlesticks, what I wish I could say to those people who call themselves men…
    (I love orcas as much as I love my friends and family. Has been that way since I was two years old.)

    @ Glenda Wolverton:
    Martyn is not racist. He is expressing his feelings in as smallest of a way as possible toward a small group of people who call themselves men. That is not “racism and hatred for the Japanese people”. What Martyn has said and done is far better than what those “men” are doing and saying. (Example: “Private Space” has been heard (and translated into English) calling some Guardians “goldfish shits” over a walkie-talkie.) If you disagree with the level of restraint Martyn is using, then by all means stop reading his posts.

  6. April says:

    I really like your blogs Martyn. I’m glad you don’t always take the high road because I enjoy the honesty and angst you exibit. I think I can relate to your anger so much. The fetus thing is ghastly. Probably came from murdered animals they rounded up. We know they kill the pregnant, plus mothers and babies. Cultures that do not repect the animal in question are outdated embarassments from the dark ages. I do not respect or acknowlege this practice as “cultural” anymore than I respect the holocaust as cultural. Thanks for your candor…and I have often felt sorry for what my species has done as well. Little dicks indeed.

    Keep your chin up…April

  7. Marysia Nieciecka says:

    Martyn, your candor is first rate. You are only stating what you are feeling and being honest about it. Kudos to you! Glenda, you have no idea what Martyn has seen over the past few days. You are not in his shoes so please don’t make judgements on how he expresses himself. This to me is a true man showing both vulnerability and strength. You go Martyn!!! I agree with April, little dicks indeed. These fishermen are not men, they are cowards.

  8. @ Glenda Wolverton: Not racist, I am not going to delete your post and I’m not going to spam you.. People like you are so blinkered that you become scared of what you say and what you do so you follow the Political correctness card all the time.. I hate hunters and wish they were dead, They wont change, what would you call me for that one? Your thoughts and direction are not worth arguing….. My energies are for the animals and i am here for them, not you..

  9. Thank you all for our supportive comments…. I pass these on to all the guardians and it gives us strength. No-one can prepare for the scenes witnessed down here. I hate any culture that kills animals including my own……..

  10. They just another troll says:

    Ha ha … I bet all those “Glenda Wolverton” type accounts are just trolls, shills for PR outfits Glen Inwood’s Omeka Communications in Wellington, NZ. What twats. There seem to be a handful of folk going around all the blogs dropping the same kind of poo-poo.

    Glen Inwood, the New Zealander who is to the Japanese whaling industry what Joseph Goebbels was to the Nazis.

    Of course it is not racist to criticize the dolphin slaughter and to criticize those elements of any society that damned well deserve to be criticized. Yes, there is a connection between the tendency towards the acceptability of physical violence against weaker individuals and the conscienceless slaughter.

    It is not just domestic violence but a whole culture of hardened bullying, outcasting, suppression and state media control … like those nice career and list destroying 23 days that the Japanese police can hold you in prison without a lawyer, phonecalls or even contact with your relatives. And screw you if you have pets to look after … There are elements of Japan which is still not yet evolved that far out of feudalism. It is not about racism, it is about social and individual evolution. If Domestic Violence in Japan was only finally criminalized in 2001, and there are no regulatory boards for animal testing etc … how long will for wild dolphins take to be protected!?

    The big problem in Japan is that no one will discuss these things and the mass media is a lock tight filter of censor. It will take gaijin power to fix it.


    Hello Martyn! Hello Dolphin defenders and to all the dolphin hater squad I have something to say!!

    Let me be brutally honest and say how i feel….F*CK tha Taiji Fisherman and their system keeping this in practice! I hope a large whale swallows them up one day or God sends a huge wave to sweep them under and drown their evilness~!!! I can’t stand them!!! who gives a damn about being polite! They can all go put down the dolphin meat and suck on their own meat…aka their little baby penis’! and he is right they are cold heartless barbaric men with this little man complex trying to prove their so “bad to the bone”. If I was there I swear I would wanna grab their big “manly” weapons they parade around with and dice them up into pieces, package their ugly, cowardly sour face asses up, cleverly disguised as a dolphin meat replacement and let the people of Taiji; (who would even allow a piece of dolphin flesh to pass their tongues) for once to devour the sick, putrid, disgusting, foul taste of their own wicked evilness for once!!!

    …and Martyn I’m with you all the way!! SAY how you feel!!!
    I am tired of everyone being so damn polite and peaceful!
    F*ck that!

    This is a war their is nothing nice about this whole situation. If that was my family they had captured best believe I wouldn’t give a rats ass about being polite about anything!! And to me these animals are our family! We are all God’s creation and we all belong to God.. So we are all related as children of the father, humans and animals we are all supposed to live in harmony! And we are so supposed to protect the animals not hunt them, kill them and eat them!

    ALL OF YOU WHO ARE INVOLVED ARE ALL A BUNCH A F*CKING IDIOTS!!!! I THOUGHT JAPANESE PEOPLE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE INTELLIGENT!? WELL HOW DID THE INTELLIGENT GENES SKIP OVER ALL OF YOU THEN? WE NOW CAN ALL SEE YOU GUYS HAVE LITTLE DICKS, NO BRAINS AND NO HEART AT ALL!!! How bout you Pick on someone your own size….oh wait you already are, I forgot you guys are killing the 3 feet long baby dolphins that are most likely taller then you! Guess that must be it…your all jealous! And I have to say the dolphins are way cuter then you are…you are ALL ugly..inside and out! And in the end It’s YOUR insides I would like to see laying on the OUTSIDE of your evil bodies! How bout we drive you and your entire family out to the gutting barge and rip YOU open then sit down and enjoy our lunch and laugh and be merry as your evil hallow bloody carcus’ lay there with eyes of a blank stare! But hey it Wouldn’t be much of a loss considering there is no soul behind those eyes of yours already! HAhaaaaa!!! You guys are like dirty trash that needs to get tossed to the curb!!

    Ok I am done!! Go Martyn you rock!!!!
    Keep speaking your mind and anyone who has a problem with it can go f*ck off!!
    Thank you for being there for our dolphins! You are a soldier at war fighting for them and fighting for every single one of us around the world who would love to get there but just can’t. You guys are in my prayers everyday!!!


  12. Andrea Cavanaugh says:

    I keep reading that we should have love toward these people and I also read that that the Japanese people love politness…uh-huh…I say that is BS and I base this on videos taken in prior years of the fishermen pushing and shoving and yelling at people who were doing nothing more than filming them. These people are obstinate, arrogant people who show not one inch of care toward others much less the animals!

  13. Louise says:

    I agree with you. I get disgusted with neighbors who leave their dogs outside all day and make them sleep in the garage! Why have them. And they say they love them!!! Or people who can say they love cows and eat a hamburger!! People who hunt are just high on the kill!!! They go out with their buddies with their big guns and their huge scopes!! Not very fair! To get a bear in many states, they feed them first so the bears will come to a certain spot, then after the bears rely on the food, they shoot them!! Where is that hunting? Isn’t that entrapment? Same thing with these fisherman! They care nothing about the Dolphins, the oceans, or our planet!! They care only about making money, fast, and now!!! They do not care about how it is effecting the whole planet, all the oceans!! It gets me so upset because I have a child that will be effected way after I’m gone! Will his children ever see Dolphins in the ocean or will they be forced to pay money to go see them? I get so frustrated when someone else is ignorant and it will have an effect on my quality of life, my choices, my planet my childs future Abusing animals is the worst crime to me, other than child abuse. Animals can not tell anyone. Animals rely on people to do what is right, they rely on some of us, to speak for them and loudly!! They get abused because people need to feel power!! What a pity. How can you look into their eyes and hurt them? How can you think that God gave us animals for our greed or for use to abuse. There is no way God would have given us animals to hurt over and over again like we do. Animals are not destroying the Planet, humans are!

  14. CarolineValentine says:

    I am so disgusted with our species everyday. but i am so glad that there are people like you, fighting for those with no voices. as soon as i finish my environmental law degree at UC Berkeley, you best believe I will be joining you.
    plus, what you are saying isn’t racism, it is fact. those who would like to be moral relativists and claim that what is right for the japanese, is right are not warranted in criticizing you anyways. what are THEY doing for the world?
    i am sending you energy and love and power. please forward it to the dolphins for me. <3

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