Lost for words, The Cove, Taiji…

To be honest with you, If I just used the title with a blank page that would sum up how I really feel… Empty. Hate is easily used in everyday terminology but today the definition of hate was understood loud and clear. I raged inside and I crumbled to a pulp. I watched animals abused like no other time in my life. There was a violation bigger than anything I care to remember in the cove today.

This short clip will speak my words for me………. I am without strength this evening….

No empathy to any animal

The disgusting treatment of a species


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  1. Mary says:

    So sad Martyn. I am thinking of you and I cried a lot today to. I am in Australia and I am in awe of what you and the cove guardians are doing. We will win this battle – I know we wil. We just have to keep on going. Thankyou for all you do for an animal that I am connected to. God bless you.

  2. Laurice says:

    I am quite outraged about the most cruel treatment – rather I’d say extreme abuse – to the most precious, beloved dolphins by the most evil thugs! Like you, Martyn, I do sense violence, as well as hate, on the part of these most heartless murderers! There is always a sense of emptiness whenever something quite heinous happens to the beloved dolphins, for they truly do not deserve to go through this! Even if I am not in Taiji, I already feel and sense the evilness over here. And I am totally with you on this. Please do remember that I am always there with you and others through my prayers, listening ear, understanding, support, and comfort. LAURICE


    watchin this video makes me want to be like superman and rescue all the dolphins somehow. Or I feel like I just wish I was there and could unload a machine gun full of amo on these guys without going to jail forever…smh all I can say is i hate these people with the most intense passion that I have never felt before….all i can say about these evil lil men is …off with their heads!!!

    Watching these dolphins struggle to breathe makes me want to throw up. Its like watching someone torturing one of my dogs and not being able to do anything but watch in horror as my dog is suffering and gasping for its life. I feel helpless, I wish I was there, If I was I guess the only tactic that I could use to beat these guys would be extreme prayer there at the cove…

    God please help us. All anyone has to do who doesn’t believe the devil is real and does influence people..all they have to do is watch these men at work, killing with zero empathy, zero emotion, zero anything but pure wicked demoniacally driven evil. God we need you to win…please help us save your beloved creation, I cannot stand to keep seeing the devil win and keep killing killing killing….good must prevail and all our hearts are going full force doing everything we can to help fight these devils.

    Martyn yes I am as sensitive to this as you and I get absolutely irate just like you at these assholes and I will not apologize to anyone for feeling how I feel. My feelings are real just like these beautiful animals lives are real, their souls are real, and this situation is far more real then what I would like to see…

    stay strong & please for me please please please at the cove tomorrow in my place please read Mark 11:23 aloud to God…please pray this with your eyes closed and visualize and accept for me that God has answered it. If at all possible get as close to the dolphins as you can and for me, just for me even if you are not a believer please pray over them….if u can at anytime lay your hands on any of the molested dolphins please so and pray over them & for them. I have discovered a huge power in prayer and these are a few of the things if I was there I would use against the enemy…

    it cant hurt….plz just for me…

    thanks Martyn bless your broken heart….I am totally connected with your pain and every single one of the dolphins pain, every time i see this suffering a part of me suffers and dies inside too…

    God be with you…

  4. thank you, mr japan can eat a dick, your prayers are profound, as that is just one of our resources to deal with this. we need an army. as you said, this is pure evil and the devil at work. it needs to be stopped in an aggressive way. yes easy for me to say, i’m not there. however, is there a possibility of organizing anything? is there anyone that has a connection to communicate…more aggressively? i guess i better shut up before i get “black listed” again for suspicion of “terrorism”…like we all are. keep in mind, that violence in people’s lives happens in cities everyday amongst humans..murder, assaults, robbery, rape, etc. some are investigated, prosecuted and even forgiven. however, this for us, for you guys on hand especially, is an on going assault and murder, not only going unpunished, but continuing! We live on everyday with the tragic fear, and hate in our hearts which contradicts the intense compassion ingrained within us. i’m sure we could all use some therapy, but what we need more than ever is to work and communicate with one another. i work hard as an activist on line mostly, but when i do demonstration protests, there is nothing like personally hugging and speaking out with like minded people. God Bless you in your work, everyone, please, lets be there for all to empathize the pain in our hearts. that is how we will move on and be strong. again, god bless you all, and especially then animals. in all sincerity, kelly stanford

  5. I would like to propose another strategy when calling, emailing and faxing. You may read it here . . .


    I cannot do this alone. With eleven of you, I make a dozen. With ninety-nine of you, I make a hundred. But I cannot do it without each and every one of you. You matter! Never give up! For the Dolphins.

  6. Louise says:

    Oh Martyn,
    Your video is so painful to watch! I cried with you as I listened to your raw emotion. I will pray today for those Dolphins still trapped, I will pray for the lives lost too. Mostly I will pray for you, to stay strong. I will call today and write. Thanks again for what you are doing. Continue to be our eyes.

  7. Kim Nakajima says:

    Crying!!!! :-(

  8. We need celebrities at The Cove! Why? Well, the media coverage would be significantly increased. This is obvious. The Cove would therefore be mentioned in celebrity gossip columns and entertainment venues. Stars have thousands of fans that are easily influenced by their idol’s actions.

    If Pierce Brosnan were spending a few weeks as a Cove Guardian the media would certainly be there. If he attributed his passion for the cause to his viewing or The Cove film, I can promise you that his fans would be running out to buy the movie to see just what it was that made Mr. Brosnan want to spend some time in Taiji, Japan. The daily blog posts would have thousands more readers and we would have just as many more emails, calls and faxes going to Japanese Embassies.

    Japanese people are fascinated with movie stars and music artists. Just think of how many Japanese citizens will be spending their weekends in Taiji! They would listen to what the celebrity had to say about the issue and we would have more activists right there at The Cove.

    In 2005, Richard Dean Anderson was very much involved with Sea Shepherd’s campaign to save harp seals. He was even on the SSCS board of directors. In 2008, Daryl Hannah helped shine the spotlight on anti-whaling. Hayden Panettiere was in Taiji during the making of The Cove movie and she is the spokesperson for The Whaleman Foundation. In October, Leilani Münter was actually a Cove Guardian.

    Is that it? Where are the rest of the stars? The Cove PSA video has a ton of them, but we need some of them to come out of their comfort zone and be Cove Guardians. Meanwhile dolphins are being killed. They are having their insides yanked out of them while they are still alive as their family watches. The lucky ones are being punched by trainers before going into a lifetime of slavery. The lucky ones had to watch as their mothers were butchered in front of them before being dragged off to a lifetime of slavery. The lucky ones were able to hold their breath long enough not to drown while trainers held them underwater. The lucky ones had to watch members of their family who weren’t so lucky and couldn’t hold their breath as long.

    Maybe if we concentrate on getting a copy of The Cove to celebrities, they might watch it. Maybe that is the motivation they need, because I can’t imagine that they actually saw The Cove and did not make an effort to become a Cove Guardian. There are so many of us regular people who wish we could go to Taiji, yet are unable to. It is unfathomable that the people who can both make a difference and actually have the financial means, would not go to The Cove after seeing the movie. I simply can’t accept the concept. It is quite clear to me that they really don’t know what is going on.

    We need Jennifer Aniston as a Cove Guardian. We need Ben Stiller in Taiji. We need Robin Williams at the cove. We need Courtney Cox, Pierce Brosnan, Mariska Hargitay, Sir Paul McCartney, Jorge Garcia, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Kartherine Heigl, Hulk Hogan, Whoopi Goldberg, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Linda Blair, Kim Basinger, Dave Matthews, Christina Applegate or any animal loving celebrity to step up and be a Cove Guardian!

    If you are a celebrity, I am calling you out! Watch The Cove! Don’t be afraid. If I can do it, so can you. Are you broke? Did you blow all of your money? I am willing to bet you can get a sponsor if you announce that you need one. Are you not too keen on seeing blood? That’s okay. You can just stand on the beach and educate the masses who will undoubtedly be there to see you.

  9. Louise says:

    I wrote to Joey Logano who is a Nascar driver, I begged him to go to the Cove on his trip to Japan. He was going to be there around Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if he is still in Japan. I begged him to watch the Cove, to call Leilani Munter, to go there himself. I explained how we need a voice, a person who has a lot of people who follow them. He is young, and we really could use the younger generation to get involved too!! They are our future. I wrote to Joe Gibbs the owner of the 20 car!!! I have heard nothing, but I keep hoping that maybe he will do something, anything! I am with you, we need someone famous, we need their voice!!!
    I wrote to local news stations, I called, I wrote to Oprah, Ellen, CNN, you name it! My husband calls me crazy. I am trying to raise money to go next year, it takes time. Tell me what you need me to do, I will do it!!!

  10. Jax says:

    My heart is bleeding

  11. Holise, you are brilliant and with such an obvious idea. of course! Louise, thank you for your diligence. I am so on top of this. Especially with the above celebs mentioned, you said it: they must simply not be aware. Let’s get them aware…now! Quickly, maybe someone can get out there. start brainstorming!

  12. Jane says:

    Our hearts are breaking. Let´s try and save the remaining 40 in the cove. Everyone get writing and calling.
    All admiration to you guardians, I don´t think I would have the strength to conceal my emotions.
    Keep strong. Bear witness. Tell the world.

  13. Gail Levenstiem says:

    Hi guys! I KNOW that at one time, Oprah was aware of this, so WHERE IS SHE NOW???? How could anyone, turn their backs away, from such a horrific act! Someone needs to contact Michelle Rodriguez and see which CELEBRITIES she can talk to! There has to be a way to get in touch w/Hayden, too! She more than likely isn’t aware of all we are doing and how many people are supporting this cause. My family is good friends w/Kenny Chesney and I am going to ask my mother to contact him for me. Kenny is a “National Country Music Star” and he has many, many friends(celebs)..That is my next step! Martyn, GOD gives you the strength to endure all of this! We are very thankful for you and what you are doing for the dolphins! WE are a strong force to reckon with! Tell us what we need to do and ALL of US(FB friends) will do it! Kelly, you, too girl..hang in there…we are all praying and crying and gnashing our teeth and we are so angry and don’t understand how GOD can allow this to happen to these beautiful creatures. Namaste to all of you…GOD BLESS YOU and give you the strength that is so needed right now! This is Gail from Atlanta, Ga.

  14. leilani says:

    Marytn… the presence of the west makes it worse. they are NOW doing it as a FU to all the western world. it would be best to really decide if your presence there is making it better. Before this ever started.. before Ric Barry ever put it to film someone should of taken into account how the Japanese really feel about people from the west. The dolphins have become another way for them to spew hate. If you cant save a dolphins life… leave… the best way to deal with these dumb people is to STOP buying their stuff.WHERE and what are you guys eating while you are there? WHO you buying it from?? ur soap? ur gas? These people are idiots.. STOP putting money in their pockets… when i say these people im talking ALL JAPAN… they KNOW this goes on .. THEY are LYING! STOP asking for monsy if you cant save a dolphins life. Im not trying to be mean just honest…

  15. April says:


    Trying to get my mind around what these men do is like trying to get my mind around the holocaust or war crimes against children and women. I never understood how humans could look at a child and not feel compassion; but humans can. They are capable of immense creulty. They can stare into the face of a helpless thing and extinguish it, crush it. They can even derive pleasure from it. I don’t know why, but there it is. I have no doubt that these men go home and possibly act completely normal after having done this daily crime. I wish I had words of comfort for you Martyn, because bearing witness to this day after day would kill my soul. The only thing I can think to say is that humans are the only animal that can be convinced that a daily crime is merely a job or tradition. Will we ever evolve into better beings? Sending you positive energy from California ~ April

  16. Bex says:

    This is so sad I cried so much, to see those poor innocent dolphins struggling so hard to breath, I just hope Karma comes to all these evil bastards and they live years of shear hell. I feel very proud there are people like you who are going above and beyond to help these beautiful creatures, I hope next year I can do the same.

  17. Ruth says:

    I appreciate the intense pain you are going through to witness this.

    I am wondering if there is anything to possibly keep the dolphins away from Taiji. I’m not suggesting anything that would put anyone in danger. But having watched The Cove earlier this year, it seems a small area. Could you and others there rent boats and go out beyond the fishing boats, and move the dolphins further out to sea? Is there a smell, a visual cue, a sound (using underwater speakers) that would make them steer clear? Once they are in the cove, there is no escape. So the main goal would be to keep them away. If everyone there made a concerted effort to keep them out, maybe then finally the fishermen would give up. If there are more of you than the fishermen, then more boats out trying to keep them away than drive them in could at least temporarily save some of them.

  18. Kait says:

    My friend Kim is with you. As anguishing as it is for us to read and/or hear your updates, I can’t really imagine what you are going through to try to stop this. You are a hero, and I cry with you. Thank you for having the heart and soul that you have.

  19. Lynn Wilbur says:

    Keep up the good work Martyn, the world must see this. Because of you, these dolphins are no longer dying without a voice.

  20. sis says:

    Martyn – I do feel your pain, which must be so much more than I can even imagine as I sit here watching. I am a friend. I am close with the West family and have been following every moment of their stay in Japan. This was a horrific thing to have witnessed and the suffering of the dolphins and the humans that care for them was palpable. And I know that in the pain of that moment, words were just pouring out of you. I don’t think, in the long run, it will help to have threatening statements recorded for the FU to use to lash back (I am not referring to saying they are bastards, or that you hate them, that is fine. I’m referring to the reference that you wish their families would drown. That means wives and children?) They are using statements like this to make their case in the Japanese media. They can use just that phrase as a “sound bite” and use it to their advantage to make the cove guardians look as barbaric as they are. Maybe it would be prudent to edit out some of the more inflammatory statements before posting? I know that you don’t really want to see their wives and children drowning, any more than you want to see those poor dolphins being pushed into the water, struggling to breathe. Just a thought, ignore if you wish!!

  21. cheryl smart says:

    hi martyn… as i read yesterday your raw emotions i felt it and so did many many more…. hate is a strong word to use in any shape or form but i now know what hate is i have read and followed every day the heart rendering stories/reports my heart goes out to you all who have to witness this barbaric slaughtering every day, the anger and frustration i feel every day and the hate! i have never hated like this in my life it rips the goodness out of life…. and they take life with such viciousness and hatered, the suffering they cause to these beautiful dolphins/whales i call them the majestic dancers of the oceans, the crying of the babies,wiping out whole families it is just too horrific! to me they are the devil’s henchmen barbaric inhuman pure evil, i send healing to your broken heart x

  22. Jane says:

    I agree Holise, celebrities will bring the media coverage needed to bring this barbaric slaughter to the world.
    God be With you Martyn and the team

  23. Lynn Wilbur says:

    Bob is ignorant, I had a former supervisor post a comment like Bob’s on my Facebook page (I must say that she was one of the worst, small minded, ignorant employers that I have ever had). The best thing to do is to tell them to go back to doing what they do best, which is nothing.

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