Wind storm

The hurricane of 2007, Redmond WA

The morning after

While i was editing sounds the other day, i remembered the high winds of 2007 here in Washington State. We were without power for 5 days, you would think the world had come to an end the way people reacted. I remember going down to the garage because they had a generator (not many garages had them so obviously they could not get the petrol out of the tanks) This garage in particular had milk in the fridge, 5 x 1 gallon containers! As i was reaching for one of them i noticed a rather large woman behind me. Being british and believing the age of chivalry was not dead, i said to her “after you” She barged into the fridge and grabbed all the containers! I said to her “oh, no you don’t, i want one of them” she told me to “fuck off” and that she had a sick child, i grabbed the carton of milk out of her hands and told her that i was only being polite and that one of those were mine, after all i “let her in” so to speak!! She kicked me in the shin and we had a scuffle…
This was all because of the wind storm that had brought havoc to the towns!
Haiti has just had a major catastrophe, far more destructive than a bloody wind storm yet people here act as though life depends on themselves.
I would hate to see a real calamity here, there would be guns out on the street with the wagons in a circle!!
Here is a clip from the winds i recorded in the night.

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