Black Bear

American Black Bear – Jaw clicks, pops and running up trees.

This recording was made in Redmond, WA. A mother and her 2 cubs were visiting a feeder (bird seed) while a second year bear was there at the same time. The competition for the food started with “jaw click’s and charging, the two cubs would run up the nearest tree to avoid any potential danger. I sat in the nearby shrubbery monitoring this amazing behavior. At one point in the recording you can hear one of the bears up close and personal to the mics. Recorded with the Sound Devices 722 recorder and an M/S array consisting of Sennheiser mkh40/30 microphones. Recording Martyn Stewart

Bossy bear

American black bear ┬ęTim Dereg

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Recorded by Martyn Stewart.
Copyright: Martyn Stewart

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