red-breasted sapsucker

Two red-breasted sapsuckers communicate by knocking, it is courtship time and the woodpeckers are looking to bond for the new season.

Red-breasted sapsucker

Red-breasted sapsucker

These two sapsuckers follow each other around the creek knocking on old dead snags checking” each other out.

(From Birdweb) Red-breasted Sapsuckers are similar in appearance to the closely related Red-naped Sapsuckers, but they have red heads and breasts. Their upper-parts are black barred with white, and they have a prominent white stripe across each black wing. They lack the black breast-band of the other two sapsucker species found in Washington, and they have yellowish bellies. Males and females look much alike. Juveniles are mottled brown but have white wing-stripes like the adults.

Red breasted sapsucker

Red-breasted sapsucker foraging for insects

Click anywhere in the sonogram to hear the recording taken from Stossel creek.

Geek Notes.
Sound levels

The ambient noise from Stossel creek

Location: stossel creek road
Date: 2010-03-07
Time: 06:45
State: Washington

Description: morning at Stossel creek

Habitat: pond/pine
VoxType: morning
Category: soundscape

Recorder: SD 722
Mics: sennheiser mkh 40/30
Sample rate: 44.1k 24 bit
Microphone pattern: MS stereo
Take# 1

Anthrophony: airplane/distant traffic
Geophony: water (creek noises)/knocking from woodpecker

Biophony: winter wren/Douglas squirrel/golden-crowned kinglet/red-breasted sapsucker/American robin/northern pigmy owl/steller’s jay/canada goose/black-capped chickadee/varied thrush

Weather: partly cloudy
Temp: 39f
Humidity: 58%
Wind: calm
Recordist: Martyn Stewart

Notes: inserted -30 db tone at beginning of the recording/ set recording level pots to 56.7db – Mic suspension with Rycote windjammer and gitzo tripod/

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