I had the pleasure of recording and filming the release of 11 young Raccoons back into the environment. PAWS is an animal rescue and rehabilitation organization based in Lynnwood WA. PAWS is a champion for animals—rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife. Since the PAWS Wildlife Center opened in 1981, PAWS has cared for more than 100,000 wild animals. Their primary goal is to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, restore them to full health and return them to the wild as functioning members of their wild population. I was first invited to the capture of these raccoons at the facility ready for release, totally contrasting sounds were evident here, the squeals when they were being handled and the sounds of contentment on their release. My special thanks for giving me the privilege to witness these animals goes to Kevin Mack, the naturalist that works at PAWS.

Raccoon release

Free at last!

Here I have a short video and 2 sound-bytes. The first sound-byte is that of the trilling, churring sounds and the 2nd that of the squeals.

The first sound-byte is that of the trilling

Next is the sound of the squeals

Camera: Sony NXCAM
Recorder: SD 722
Microphones: MKH 40/30
Tripod Mounted with windjammer
Weather: Partly cloudy
Recordist: Martyn Stewart
Camera: Martyn Stewart

Coyote’s at Dusk

Copyright :Tim DeregThere is nothing more spectacular than listening to the coyote’s as the daylight ends. These were recorded outside my studio as I was editing. The land across the road opens up to over 300 acres and it is great habitat for these prowlers of the night. You can hear the youngsters call as the male brings home the meal. (I presume)
The coyote is a member of the dog family. In size and shape the coyote is like a medium-sized Collie dog, but its tail is round and bushy and is carried straight out below the level of its back. The ubiquitous coyote is found throughout North America from eastern Alaska to New England and south through Mexico to Panama. It originally ranged primarily in the northwest corner of the US, but it has adapted readily to the changes caused by human occupation and, in the past 200 years, has been steadily extending its range. Sightings now commonly occur in Florida, New England and eastern Canada.

Calls of the Coyote (Canis latrans) by: Martyn Stewart

Courtship displays of the American Black Bear

Not often can you observe animal behaviors from your own backyard but here we have two black bears out on a date.
The light was a little difficult to film in and Roo did exceptionally well considering she doesn’t know a lot about the camera yet. The sounds are authentic, I have left a system out in the woods to monitor audio. Lots of rain through the night made it difficult to get away from the pounding and popping of rain water hitting the windscreen but I think the sounds give a good representation of what is happening here.
You can hear the tongue clicking from the male as he tries to mount her and the constant moaning of the young female as she tries to resist. I think the mother has just flung her other yearlings away within the last month as there are two other younger bears that visit.
To get an idea of the behaviors of American Black Bears, take a look at the excellent www.bear.org website for extensive information

Male and Female American Black Bear

Filmed with the Sony HXR-NX5 camera
Camera person:
Rooy Stewart

Martyn Stewart

SD 722
MKH-40/30 MS

Be sure to view in HD 720
Some of the focusing was wrong in these clips but the imagery is fine.

American Black Bear Interaction

Imagine walking through the woods looking for owls and you hear crashing of branches in front of you? Well, this was the case here. It is the time for family separation and here we have (I think) 3 bears. 2 of the bears climbed a pine tree while a larger (older bear) chased after them. The 2 young bears stayed in the tree for over 5 hours with various panting sounds and snorting. In this soundscape you can also hear the Jaw Pops the bears make when they are nervous. Roo and I watched these bears until we could no longer keep our eyes open. Eventually, the larger bear walked off leaving the 2 younger bears to ponder when it was safe to leave.

Black Bear Interaction

You may have to wait for the file to buffer itself before being able to click anywhere on the sonogram. Headphones are a must!
© martyn stewart

Townsend’s chipmunk

This chipmunk is found around the cascades and west. Mostly in conerforous habitat.
10″ in length and 41/2″ tall, this chipmunk will come up to you and take food out of your hands.
Filmed with the Sony HXR-NX5 series camera. Please watch the video in 720 HD

Cameraman: Martyn Stewart
Sound: Martyn Stewart

Arctic Squirrel

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Sciuridae
Genus: Spermophilus

Arctic ground squirrel

Arctic ground squirrel - source wikipedia

Imagine monitoring a recording with headphones on and right next to you sneaks up a ground squirrel and voices off his discontent at you being in his environment! This little chap snuck up on me and told me basically to get off his land.
Recorded on Katmai NP. Alaska.
The Arctic ground squirrel has reddish fur on its face and sides and white specked gray to brown fur on its back. Its belly and the undersides of its legs are a light brown. It has white fur around its eyes and a short, bushy tail. It has strong front paws that are well adapted for digging and burrowing.

Arctic ground squirrel

The full range of the arctic ground squirrel © Martyn Stewart

Black Bear

American Black Bear – Jaw clicks, pops and running up trees.

This recording was made in Redmond, WA. A mother and her 2 cubs were visiting a feeder (bird seed) while a second year bear was there at the same time. The competition for the food started with “jaw click’s and charging, the two cubs would run up the nearest tree to avoid any potential danger. I sat in the nearby shrubbery monitoring this amazing behavior. At one point in the recording you can hear one of the bears up close and personal to the mics. Recorded with the Sound Devices 722 recorder and an M/S array consisting of Sennheiser mkh40/30 microphones. Recording Martyn Stewart

Bossy bear

American black bear ©Tim Dereg

Click anywhere in the sonogram to hear any selection.

Recorded by Martyn Stewart.
Copyright: Martyn Stewart