Recording in the Wind

This video shows the benefits of using proper wind protection on microphones. This system includes the Rycote windjammer and “furry cat” The microphones are suspended on a Rycote microphone suspension.
The wind sounds are recorded with the sound devices 788t recorder and then dubbed onto this film.

Rycote windjammer

Rycote windjammer

Geek notes:
Roycote windjammer
with microphone

Rycote set for stereo pair of
MKH mics 20/30/40/50

040204 suspension
010904 windshield
021901 stereo windjammer
016903 connBox cable connection box

microphones used here

Sound Devices 788t

Gitzo traveler

Copyright: Martyn Stewart 2010

Sound devices recorders

Many people ask “what do I use to record with? Well for those who are a little curious, I’ll tell you here…

Recorders: I use the Sound Devices series. Currently I have the SD 722, SD744 and SD 788.




The microphones I generally use are the Sennheiser series, MKH20/30/40/50 and MKH60.
I piggyback the MKH30 and MKH40 on a microphone suspension to create M/S recording or Middle and side.
Example by Walter Knapp

For recording target species I use the specialised parabolic microphones hand made in Sweden by Telinga.

For information on how I use it all, we have a yearly audio class in Seattle. Read more….