The day a colony disappeared

On May 31st 2010. This colony of healthy Brown pelicans and laughing gulls thrived like it has done for many years. On June 7th 2010 it was no longer.

This is all we have left, A picture

We went out to record and video this colony that was in the line of fire from the Gulf oil spill disaster and document what was existing at the time. This colony lasted 45 days until the oil finally came ashore and wiped it out. Hundreds of gulls and Brown Pelicans were covered with oil virtually over night. One day it was healthy the next it was contaminated. This was extinction happening right in front of my eyes.
These sounds will be the last that is ever heard from this little island in the Gulf of Mexico. I do not think it will ever be the same again..

Copyright: martyn stewart

Birds of the colony:
Brown Pelican
Laughing Gull
Black oystercatcher
Black Skimmer
Rosetta spoonbill

Geek notes:
Recorder: SD 722
Microphones: MKH -40/30 MS
Tripod mounted with Rycote windjammer.
Sample rate: 44.1k 24 bit
Temp: 82f
Humidity: 85%
Weather: Thunder/partly cloudy
Recordist: Martyn Stewart