High pressure 1015mb

The winds pick up at dawn on a sleepy Sunday morning. The pressure gauge reads 1015mb, A Barred owl shrieks out at a group of rats it has been steadily watching in the early hours. As the winds increase the old dried leaves blow from the trees, a coopers hawk smashes into a Steller’s jay and takes it to a feeding perch. The hawk calls out and starts to strip the bird apart. All this happens as the sleepy neighborhood still lay in their beds…

copyright: Mike Hamilton

Coopers hawk at dawn

Geek notes
Recorder: SD 722
Microphones: MKH 40/30
Sample rate: 44.1k 24 bit
Location: Redmond WA
Recordist: Martyn Stewart

Humidity: 57%
Time: 06:42

Tripod mounted with a rycote windjammer.
Copyright: Martyn Stewart 2010