Lost for words, The Cove, Taiji…

To be honest with you, If I just used the title with a blank page that would sum up how I really feel… Empty. Hate is easily used in everyday terminology but today the definition of hate was understood loud and clear. I raged inside and I crumbled to a pulp. I watched animals abused like no other time in my life. There was a violation bigger than anything I care to remember in the cove today.

This short clip will speak my words for me………. I am without strength this evening….

No empathy to any animal

The disgusting treatment of a species


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The Death of a family…….. The Cove, Taiji.

November 30th 2010

Today was extremely hard trying to get a grip on emotions while filming, recording and taking pictures at the same time. I watched a small pod of dolphins, around 10-11 pushed into the killing cove. The pod was nothing like the size of yesterday but size has no meaning here, They are ALL individuals with a right to live. The family huddled together as if they knew their fate and it was heartbreaking. It was almost like they were holding on to each other. You just can’t help getting emotional and a sense of uselessness. I want to swim in there, release them and apologise for my own species.

Point of no return

Waiting for their death

Watching these magnificent creatures trapped into an area the size of a large room with the smell of death would be traumatizing, I wonder what fear they would be going through and what words they would say to each other in their final minutes. I wanted them to know we were there for them in some pathetic way. (I cry as I write this, I can’t help it, the tears are blurring what I write down…) The monsters went in with their small boats and everything was over in 10 minutes. I could hear the engines drive them onto the pebble beach inside the killing cove, One by one they would have been killed as their family unit waited for their turn…………
The locals watch from a viewing area by the toilets with smiles on their faces, The locals stop at the roadside when the boats come in with a pod, The locals know exactly what happens in this shit-hole of a place. Don’t be kidded that these people are not aware of what is happening here. The fishermen all have families and people talk…..

The mercury is working on these bastards

Because of the work the guardians are doing here, the fishermen are learning to conceal their despicable acts. Everything now has thought put into it, concealing is the word here, they are now covering up the bodies as they shift them to the gutting barge with blue tarpaulin. No more will you see the tails lassoed on the side of the boats as they drag their victims away from the cove. The trouble is, we all know what they are doing and they know this is wrong otherwise why hide it? If this is a cultural tradition then show it?

tradition |trəˈdi sh ən|
1 the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way : every shade of color is fixed by tradition and governed by religious laws.
• a long-established custom or belief that has been passed on in this way : Japan’s unique cultural traditions.
• [in sing. ] an artistic or literary method or style established by an artist, writer, or movement, and subsequently followed by others : visionary works in the tradition of William Blake.

I had to go to the butcher house after, I felt duty bound, it was like following the hearse to give my last respects to the animals whose life was so cruelly taken by my species.
I’m amazed at Scott West and his daughter for the endurance they have shown while down here, This is only my second day witnessing these atrocities, Hell knows how they must feel after 3 months!
Tomorrow will show more evil here i’m sure. Without YOUR pressure on the Japanese government this work here would be futile, I thank you for all the encouragment, It is a strength to us all here..
Please keep those calls going to the Emabassy…..
The following organizations have the power to stop this now.Taiji Mayor Sangen…City Hall: phone: 81-73-559-2335 Fax: 81-73-559-2801Taiji Whale Museum: 81-73-559-3732Taiji Fishermens Union (The FU) Phone: 81-73-559-2340Fax: 81-73-559-2821

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The cove, passing of a family by Martyn Stewart
Video to follow soon………..
Captive dolphins by Martyn Stewart