The Ovenbird

This is one of those birds that when you record it, you think the gain control is not working on your recorder until you find out the bird uses most of its energy at the end of the song!
This is such a powerful singer for one so little..
The main song of the Ovenbird is a series of strident, relatively low-pitched, bisyallabic motives repeated without pause about eight times and increasing in volume.
This was recorded in the north woods while walking with the black bears there. All around you are these amazing little birds singing their hearts out.

Jay Jay up a tree for a change

The following audio player shows various wave patterns that you can select at any time by clicking the mouse on any part of the player to select the song.
Please let the whole song buffer first.

Recordist: Martyn Stewart
Recorder: SD 788T
Microphone: Telinga stereo DAT
Location: Ely, North Woods. MN