There is nothing quite like recording wind sounds and listening to the wind is something else. If you listen to these two samples you can drift and let your mind tell a thousand stories. One wind sound is from the hot Mojave desert, the other from the humid semi tropics of Florida.
In sample 1 comes the hot winds of the Mojave Desert, Creosote bushes blow in the wind and make squeaking noises as the branches rub together. Flies are abundant keeping low in the scrub trying not to get blown with the direction of the wind.
Sample 2 is the remnants of a tropical hurricane that avoided land and therefore sidestepping potential property damage. These winds are topping 18 MPH and 50 MPH respectively

Mojave Desert

Winds blowing through creosote bushes

Mojave winds

Low pressure over Florida

© martyn stewart

To see a movie of wind and wind protection, take a peep here….

Recording in the Wind

This video shows the benefits of using proper wind protection on microphones. This system includes the Rycote windjammer and “furry cat” The microphones are suspended on a Rycote microphone suspension.
The wind sounds are recorded with the sound devices 788t recorder and then dubbed onto this film.

Rycote windjammer

Rycote windjammer

Geek notes:
Roycote windjammer
with microphone

Rycote set for stereo pair of
MKH mics 20/30/40/50

040204 suspension
010904 windshield
021901 stereo windjammer
016903 connBox cable connection box

microphones used here

Sound Devices 788t

Gitzo traveler

Copyright: Martyn Stewart 2010

Wind storm

The hurricane of 2007, Redmond WA

The morning after

While i was editing sounds the other day, i remembered the high winds of 2007 here in Washington State. We were without power for 5 days, you would think the world had come to an end the way people reacted. I remember going down to the garage because they had a generator (not many garages had them so obviously they could not get the petrol out of the tanks) This garage in particular had milk in the fridge, 5 x 1 gallon containers! As i was reaching for one of them i noticed a rather large woman behind me. Being british and believing the age of chivalry was not dead, i said to her “after you” She barged into the fridge and grabbed all the containers! I said to her “oh, no you don’t, i want one of them” she told me to “fuck off” and that she had a sick child, i grabbed the carton of milk out of her hands and told her that i was only being polite and that one of those were mine, after all i “let her in” so to speak!! She kicked me in the shin and we had a scuffle…
This was all because of the wind storm that had brought havoc to the towns!
Haiti has just had a major catastrophe, far more destructive than a bloody wind storm yet people here act as though life depends on themselves.
I would hate to see a real calamity here, there would be guns out on the street with the wagons in a circle!!
Here is a clip from the winds i recorded in the night.