Waterfowl explosion

Spring is upon us and the waterfowl in the area I’m living in have already chosen their mates. Now it is time to fatten up ready for egg laying. I have a feeder in the woods at the back of the studio and frequently I have mallards coming and going to empty my stock of seed. Now, the Wood ducks that visit every spring have arrived. Last year we had over 8 wood ducks visit the feeders. The first two have now arrived so we have to dip into the bank and replenish the seed frequently.

copyright Mike Hamilton

Wood Duck

Recording Info:
Redmond sunday morning

Location: Rear garden
Date: 2010-03-28
Time: 07:36
State: WA

Description: Mallards and wood ducks arrive and feed

Habitat: semi urban
VoxType: Morning
Category: soundscape

Recorder: SD 722
Mics: sennheiser mkh 40/30
Sample rate: 44.1k 24 bit
Microphone pattern: MS stereo
Take# 1

Anthrophony: Distant traffic
Geophony: wing-flaps
Biophony: Wood duck/mallard/american robin/northern flicker/american crow/winter wren/

Weather: Overcast
Temp: 45f
Humidity: 89%
Wind: calm
Barometer: 29.72 ins (falling)
Elevation: 550ft

Recordist: Martyn Stewart
Notes: inserted -30 db tone at beginning of the recording/ Mic suspension with Rycote windjammer and gitzo tripod/